Are There Any Legitimate Work At Home Jobs


Are There Any Legitimate
Work At Home Jobs?

This video is from KRON TV News in San Francisco. Here CEO Kym McNicholas is giving an overview of Work From Home Job opportunities.

She covers a wide variety of examples. And, this was from 2013. There are even more available now.

HomeJobStop is a job posting board that only list true work from home jobs. You can get more info about them below on this page.

Image is a photo of Gwyneth Ford. She blogs about work from home jobs.My name is Gwyneth. Like you my story is a pretty common one. So really no need to go into details. The bottom line is I needed to make extra income. And I wanted to be available for my kids. Not to mention the cost of daycare, gas, etc. It’s kind of funny if you think about it. But I really couldn’t afford to go to work. For many people working at home is a major convenience. For me it was a major necessity.

So I spent some time learning about the different options that are available. Years ago I actually took calls, at home, from one of those Psychic Reading commercials that used to be very popular on TV. I only did it for two weeks because I figured out I needed to take hundreds of calls to get a decent paycheck. The point is I knew, for certain, that it can be done, because I did it before. And I knew the pay had to be way better now than it was back then. I just needed to find the jobs. And, what successfully worked for me was being a member of a work from home job posting board. There is a link to it below but first I want to list what many say are the top work at home jobs that are not scams..

What Kind Of Work Can I Do From Home?

As explained on our main page, and the purpose of this website, is to help you get information, and services, about whatever helps you! The main focus of this particular page is jobs you can do from your home. Below is a list of the 10 best, and real, work at home jobs.

What kind of work can I do from home is, by far, the number one question I immediately get when people find out that I work from home. It is the reason find-a-job-working-from-homewhy I wanted to create this page to show that there are work at home jobs that are not scams.  Actually I do think that word scam kind of gets overused a lot. And it is not true in all cases. Yes there are many places out there advertising work from home jobs that are not upfront, and honest, about what you really may end up doing. Like stuffing a gazillion envelopes in order to get a decent check. Or cold calling hundreds of people who have absolutely no interest in what ever it is that your selling. But they are not really scams. They’re just not what most people are looking for. However, if any company wants you to send them money first, and then they will send you back information, that is absolutely a red flag. More than likely, that really is a work from home job scam.

I take customer service calls. So I am not calling anybody. And I’m not trying to sell anybody anything! I’m free to simply log on to the company’s online system. And the calls start coming. They do require a plain land line home phone with no call waiting. Of course I had some training. But that is really the gist of it. And I get paid a decent paycheck every 2 weeks depending on how many hours I chose to work.

Now this is what’s working for me. Customer service may not be for you. So here is a list of what experts say are the most common true work from home jobs:


Image is of a woman doing virtual assistance from home Virtual Assistance: Basically you are an office assistant who doesn’t work in the office. You can own a virtual assistant business. Or you can work from home for a company that in turn makes you available to other employees or clients. A virtual assistant is much more than a secretary. Some virtual assistants do tasks like writing, graphic design, editing, bookkeeping, social media management, transcription and more.

Image is of a woman being a Medical Transcriptionist from home Medical Transcription: This is one you see advertised everywhere online. It is always in demand. The work involves listening to, and typing up dictation, from doctors. This means everything you can imagine like difficult accents, slurred words, eating food, chewing gum, talking to other people while they’re dictating, using the bathroom, etc. And you have to transcribe the important stuff out of all of that. It’s easy to see how you definitely do not need to go to an office to do this.

Image is a woman being a Translator from home Translator: If you know another language, you are in demand. It’s as simple as that. Businesses can employ home based translators,  especially those with hard to find languages, without being limited by geographic location. If you are a speaker of a foreign language, then becoming a freelance translator could be a great opportunity. Many companies need documents translated for international partners and hire freelance translators.

Image is of a man doing web development from home Web Developer/Designer:  Services such as custom website design, template redesigns, code updates, hosting, etc. are in extremely high demand. If you have a talent for art and design, you might consider becoming a website designer. Freelance web design jobs are perfect for home  basedjobs.

Image is a woman doing customer service job from home Call Representative: This is what I am doing. This use to only be huge call centers with rows and rows of cubicles. Of course they still exist. Or talking to some person overseas who you can’t understand. Of course that still happens. However more, and more, companies are realizing they don’t have to do either one of these. They can just have virtual representatives anywhere with a phone and a computer. This field is only going to keep growing.
Image is of a guy who is doing Tech Support from home Tech Support Specialist:  Again tech support used to mean talking to somebody from India or The Philippines. But now you could be talking to somebody still in their pajamas. And, they speak good English. People want their computer fixed. And now you can actually take control of their computer. Call centers also hire technical support specialists to work remotely.

Image is of a woman working a Travel Agent job for home Travel Agent: Working from home in your own travel agency is one of the most exciting business opportunities available to a home based entrepreneur. It can be done full-time, or part-time. It’s really up to you how you choose to define your home-based business. Becoming a travel agent is actually very easy. However, it is one of those where the word scam can apply. The big question is reliable training. And there are unscrupulous people promising training after you send them money. Then what you get is substandard. If you are interested in this field I would feel more comfortable contacting the NACTA.
Image is of a man who is a Franchise Owner from home Franchise Owner: This is mainly for established individuals, and not the average person just looking for a paycheck. Because a franchise almost always requires an upfront initial investment. The nice thing about a franchise is all the hard work has been done. You pay the franchise fee and given a detailed manual and tools on how to run the business exactly.
Image is of a woman teaching students from home Teacher: Do you have a teaching degree? It qualifies you for several jobs you can do from home. Whether you want to stay home with the kids, are tired of the classroom environment, or looking for a job that offers more flexibility. Then this could be perfect for you. Students no longer have to stay after school or go somewhere to be tutored. You can tutor online through companies that hire for math, languages, science, or almost any course.

Image is of a woman on a laptop next to child. she is a work at home writer Writer: Writing is an extremely versatile profession. Freelancing can be a lucrative way for a professional writer, or editor, to earn money from home. These jobs can be anything from crowd sourcing gigs, to self-publishing on the Internet. Many places hire freelancers based on the results of an online test or writing sample.


The Bottom Line: This is not everything. These are just the ones the industry says are the most popular. Notice a common thing in everyone of these? Of course, it is the computer. If you think about it the internet, as we know it, really starting growing in the late 90’s. And it has been advancing ever since. Which means the opportunities to work from home has been advancing ever since. More, and more, companies are realizing that they don’t have to rent a huge building with office spaces, desks, chairs, computers, insurance, etc. And, they don’t have to keep shipping jobs overseas to save money. They can just have a virtual army of employees from anywhere in the country where ever someone has a computer, internet connection, and a phone.

So what’s the answer to the question What kind of work can I do from home? Anything you can image!  These are true work from home jobs. These are work at home jobs that are not scams. And it is only going to keep growing.  So the real question is how do you cut through all the noise, misleading claims, bull crap, outright scams, and get those the real work from home jobs posted by legit employers. It’s simple… you use a legit Work From Home Job Listing Service.


Are There Any Legitimate Work At Home Jobs?
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