How To Fix A Relationship Before It Falls Apart

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Relationship Before It Falls Apart

This video is an excerpt from the Rachel Ray Show. It features Relationship Expert Michael Fiore.

Here he is giving very simple, but very effective advice, which anyone can do using text messages to the put sparks back in to your relationship.

This page provides 5 basic tips on how to fix a broken relationship. These will help show you how to fix relationship problems.

Michael Fiore has created a hugely poplar guide called Text You Ex Back. It has been a best seller for the past couple of years and has many positive reviews from people who have used it to repair their relationship. There is a direct link to his website at the bottom of this page.

It is just a fact of human nature. It is not always easy for two individuals to always get along. Every relationship will have its ups and its downs. Simply acknowledging this and recognizing it will go a long way in helping you be prepared on how to handle a bump in the road with your loved one.

There is a key thing that many people already know but need to be reminded of. Especially when the relationship is new. And that is there are always three completely separate entities, or forces, at work. There is you… there is the other person… and there is the thing you have going on between you. It is called by many different names, but it is essentially what fuels the relationship. And in most all cases, at the very beginning of a relationship, it does not take much effort on anyone’s part. Because that thing you have between you literally drove the relationship.

But when it starts to calm down, when it starts to wane, that is when you hear things like “We need to work on the relationship” “We need to put the sparks back in to our relationship” “We need to find the romance” “We need to get back what we once had” etc. Now it starts to take some effort.

There is no question that for some couples it may be a lot more difficult than others. There are some things, like physical abuse, that may be beyond the scope of any website. In those cases you will need to do more than read words. You need to take action. You need to contact someone for help.

Then there are other things, like infidelity, that may seem unforgivable. But your relationship does not have to end in a break up or a divorce. If you are willing to “Work on the relationship” and you feel that they are also willing then here are some basic tips to start:

1) Find Out What’s Wrong It seems obvious but many couples do not really identify exactly what the problem is. It could be a lack of time for each other. Or a lack of communication. No type of relationship, not even one with your pets, will work if you don’t invest time and effort to communicate with each other. How often is it the case that one person is thinking one thing and the other is somewhere completely different. That is because neither are communicating with each other. And without proper communication, you will eventually grow apart from each other. If you really want to fix your broken relationship then you have to find out exactly what the specific issue is. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, you have to get it out in the open. Not dealing with it does not make it go away. This is a good example of how using text messages, when done correctly, to start the dialogue can be very effective.

image is a picture of a couple walking on the beach after learning how to fix their relationship2) Honesty and Trust Discovering what the problem is, and finally starting to talk about it, is the very first step. The next part is being completely honest about it. Trusting the other with your honesty. And trusting that they will be honest with you. Of course that is extremely difficult to do if the main concern is sparing the others feelings. Or if there already has been a broken trust. Accepting that you are not perfect, and that your partner is not perfect is a good step to let go any failures in the past. But when you’re totally honest with each other, then trust is gradually built, and re-built. It is possible that it can be rebuilt to be even better and stronger.

3) Do Your Role in a Relationship After both of you have really communicated with one another and have figured out what’s wrong, now is the ideal time that you attempt to make things better. A relationship is constantly a two-way thing. It takes both sides to make the relationship work. It requires an effort from both sides to do your parts in a relationship. You may take different paths to each other. But once you both can recognize, and acknowledged, it can have a major positive effect.

4) Invest in Gifts Make a habit of frequently giving a simple, but a special, gift to each other. There is more power in giving gifts than people may realize. It is one of the best languages of love. It can be flowers, a book, a simple written letter, or a text message. It can make the other person feel really special. It’s also good to know your partner’s interest and bring gifts that will  remind them that you know what is special to them.

5) Date Your Partner Even the most simplest of dates can bring that special spark in your relationship. Make sure that you are able to talk on your date. Do something that both of you love. It can be as simple as catching up over a cup of coffee, or watching a favorite movie together, or a concert, or you can just enjoy the beauty of a park. Whatever you do, you do it together! And that can make you enjoy each others company again. The strain that has made your relationship broken can be replaced by something wonderful and memorable.

These 5 simple tips to heal your relationship are a great start. However, these will only work when two parties are in it. If both parties are willing participants. But what if only one of you needs to be the first to initiate things. What if you need a little help to start that communication. How can you get your message, and your feelings, communicated directly to them. And be confident that they received it.


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This is an extremely popular Relationship Improvement Program created by Internationally known Relationship Expert Michael Fiore. He is also a best selling author. Text Your Ex Back can be best described as a step-by-step relationship repair, or relationship improvement, program. It teaches you how to use the enormous power of text messages.

The mobile statistics are overwhelming. The majority of us have Smartphones. They are always with us. We never go anywhere without it. And using them to make actual phone calls is low on the list. Most of us text very frequently. However, the majority of our texts can be categorized as really non essential. Few of us realized huge power that we have in our hands.

Ironically, we all seem to get it when it comes to sending something negative. We all know the power of sending a text message saying something that is guaranteed to make someone angry, or hurt their feelings. None of us seems to need any help with that. However, when comes to producing the opposite results. Sending little messages that can have an absolute positive effect, like in the above video, we all seem to need help on exactly what to say. And that is what this guide will teach you.

The program has 11 separate modules that combine text, videos, and audio. It allows you to identify, and understand, the specific causes for the issues in your relationship. Then it shows you step-by-step what you need to do to turn things around and move forward to create a better relationship.

We do feel that the name of this course Text Your Ex Back can be a little misleading. Please do not let the name fool you. This is NOT just a course for people who have broken up, or divorced, etc. and one person is now trying to get the other back. As the above video just demonstrated, it is much more than that. This will help you improve any existing relationship BEFORE things get to that point.


* Get Your Self Confidence Back

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* Get Your Relationship Back The Way You Want It To Be

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Michael Fiore’s course is presented in an easy and straightforward way. It has a very a high success rate.

Michael combines his relationship coaching skills, personal experience, in-depth knowledge, with tons of feedback from real people to create an excellent way to maximize your chances of improving your existing relationship, or marriage. Or repairing a relationship that has been broken. It gives you the tools to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Plus, you can get  as much help as you need along the way. Inside the member’s area, you’ll find a community. You can communicate, and get support, from otheimage is a banner for michael fiore text your ex backr members in the program. And also with Michael himself, and his staff. It is much like a Facebook wall where you can follow people, ask questions, leave comments, and get whatever help you need.

It is an extremely supportive community which is another big reason this program has been so successful.

He created a brief intro video.
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