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There are lots of videos about making money online. This clip is one of the best that I found.

It was uploaded by Joan Ketchum. He gives a, straight forward, overview on how to make money from Google. He explains the basic overall concept in a way that anyone will be able to understand.

He then recommends a system that has been very successful for a lot of people. It is called Google Sniper. As the name sounds, it is specifically designed to profit from Google.

The system has recently been completely updated for 2015. You can get more info about Google Sniper 3.0 below.


kevingreenDo you frequently get stuff, in your email inbox, about making money online? Are you skeptical about it? Asking yourself does it work? Is it a waste of time? Do you usually ignore it? But, at the same time, you also know that there are thousands of people all over the world that are doing it everyday. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? Therefore, the real question is Which information can be trusted?

Below is a link to an approximately 25 minute video. It is a full overview of Google Sniper 3.0. It was created by a guy name George Brown. He has been extremely successful at making money on the internet. The key is that he is specifically using Google to do it. His system has worked for a lot of people. And it has been working for me. And, it is not hard to do!

So, if you’ve ever been interested in earning extra cash. Then I can confidently recommend that you click the link below to watch the video. The following sections of this page provides general information on Google itself. And then, the basic starting process for using it to make money.



image is a screen capture of Google main search pageOf course you can always go to someplace like Wikapedia to get the full story on Google. But, basically,  Google is a website just like all other websites on the internet. Except the purpose of the Google website is to function as a search engine. It is a website that allows you to find all other websites on the internet. It’s results are based on the words that you enter in to the search box. It also provides specialized searches through blogs, videos, news, etc.

There are other search engines available like Bing, Yahoo, and many others most people never know about. That is because Google is by far the most used search engine. Google is one of the five most popular websites on the entire internet.

Google also has services that allow you to create blogs, send email, etc. In addition they provide social networking, organization tools, and services for mobile devices. Google also owns other very popular websites like YouTube. The corporate headquarters of Google is called Googleplex. It is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, US, near San Jose.

The most important thing to keep in mind about Google is that it is essentially a computer program. Yes they employ a whole lot of people. But their job is not to review every single website that exists on the internet. Google is a highly sophisticated program that uses a series of algorithms to decide what search results to show. And the order they are shown in. It is true that some websites get flagged. Mostly for being suspected of doing something that is prohibited. They will get a human review. And I’m sure, just like any other business, there are quality controls. Therefore, some sites may be looked at solely on a completely random basis. But, the overwhelming majority of websites will never get looked at by a human being.

Either a websites meets their algorithm criteria and gets ranked. Or it doesn’t, and will not get ranked. And Google will never come out and say what  exactly that criteria is. They provide a lot of information. They have tools design to help people who create websites, like Google Webmater Tools. But they will never come out and say “If you do this then you are guaranteed to rank number one.”  However, there are many people that spend a lot of their time researching, testing, comparing results, and listening to everything that Google says, and doesn’t say. They feel they have a pretty solid ideal of what it takes to rank on Google. And they stay on top of any changes that may occur.



Image is of a woman holding a check from earning cash with googleThis webpage was created for those who are absolute beginners. It is for the individual who is just starting the process of learning the very basics of making money from the internet. And, the first important thing to know is that there are many different ways to make money online.

There are even different ways to do it with Google. For instance Google has a program called AdSense where you can earn something every time someone clicks on one of their ads. If you are interested in that you can find more information about it here.

However, you specifically found this page because you, specifically, searched for using Google to make money. And that is done by getting your website listed on Google. It is the process of optimizing your website so it can received the best results on Google. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Every second, of every single day, millions of people are typing something into the Google search. Many of them are simply looking for information. But many others are looking for a solution to something. It may be something they desire to obtain, like how to earn extra cash, etc. Or something they desire to eliminate, like how to stop back pain, etc.  And many of them are willing to pay for the solution. If your webpage is the one they find… and it provides their solution… then you will get their payment.

So, someone searches for something on Google. And a webpage, that you created, is at the very top of Google. The person clicks to view your page. They then view all of the information you provide. And, one of the options you provide is to purchase something!

So lets look at the very start of that process:

4 Basic Steps That You Should Begin With

1) Select A Niche: This is a word you will hear a lot as you learn more about internet marketing. The word has a variety of meanings. But here we are talking about a very narrow, and specifically focused, subject, or topic, or interest. For Example – Millions of people have pets, millions of people have dogs, millions of people have cats, and millions of people have birds, etc. So pets is way too broad of a subject or topic. Also dogs, cats, or birds are still way to broad. But what if you focused only on a specific type of bird. There are many people around the world who own parrots as pet. If you chose to only target those people then Parrots would be your niche.

2) Make Sure There Is A Market For It: This basically means make sure there are enough people, other than you, who are interest in it. Yes, we know there are millions of people, somewhere out there, that have parrots. But are they on the internet talking about parrots? Are many of them searching online for information about parrots?  If so, are they only looking for free information? Are there indications that they are willing to spend money on their parrot? Is there anything specifically parrot related that you can sell them? For Example – We all know the big thing about parrots is that they can mimic human words. Someone could create a simple $5 e-book guide that shows people how to teach their parrot to talk. So now your primary niche market questions would be “Are their enough people interesting in teaching their parrot how to talk?” “Would they be willing to pay for a instruction guide?” “How much?” “Maybe I could price it for more than $5” etc.

The term you will often hear for all of this is called Market Research. It is where all of these questions get answered to determine if it is worth pursuing. Or if you show look at another niche. If it does show potential then you move to the next step.

3) Choosing The Right Keywords: Keywords are simply the exact words, or phrase, someone types into the Google search box. For Example – You found this page by typing “How To Make Money With Google”. Those are keywords. So, in the scenario we are using the keywords would be “Teach My Parrot To Talk”. Or some variation of those words. Google provides a completely free tool for keyword research. It is called the Keyword Planner and you can access it here. It does require you to sign up which is very easy to do and also completely free. It is easy to use. You can just go to YouTube for a quick video that shows how to use it.

In many ways keyword research is still a part of determining if it is the right niche. And determining if it is the right market. For Instance, the results may show that not too many people are searching for this. Therefore, you can create a really great website but it will just sit there because no one is looking for it. Or, it may show a whole lot of places where people can get everything they need to know about teaching their parrot how to talk for free. That will make it less likely they will pay $5 for an e-book. But we want to continue with our scenario. So lets say the keyword research shows there are a lot of people searching for this. And there are other websites already selling information on teaching a parrot to talk. Therefore, you will need to check those websites out.

4) Determine If Acceptable Levels Of Competition: Just imagine for a moment that your keyword research shows that there are thousands of people searching for information on how to teach their parrot to talk. And there was just nothing for them. No other websites, no free information, nothing at all. Well then you just literally struck gold. Because you could create your website and you would be the only one! You could probably sell your e-book for $50 and get lots of buyers. But in the real world that rarely happens. There is usually somebody else doing the same thing. There is always going to be competition. The question is can you beat them?

For Example – Lets say instead of parrots you were creating a website on one of the biggest searched for thing on the internet which is “How To Lose Weight”. Well, you don’t have to know anything about Google at all. Even a complete beginner knows they will never beat Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, etc. This is a clearly an obvious example, which is why I used it. The point is that it is exactly the same thing with many other niches that may not seem so obvious. You have to analyze the other websites currently in the place that you want to be at, and determine if you will have a reasonable possibility of replacing them.

If the answer is no, then all of your efforts will be a waste of time. Because all of the research clearly shows that people almost never look past page one of the Google results. Furthermore, the data also shows that results #1, #2, and #3 get the overwhelming majority of clicks. So even being at the bottom of page one is not really all that great. Your objective for making money with Google is to get listed at number #1 on page one.

You will have a significantly better chance of doing this if you choose  a niche, market, and keywords, that does not have a lot of competition to begin with!

This was just 4 of the absolute basic steps that you should start with. It is important that you know this is not a game of chance. This is not placing a bet on something and hoping that you will win. If you get all of these things right, as well as some other steps. You will get to the top of Google!

And keep in mind that this was just a basic overview of the fundamental process. Selecting a niche, choosing a market, picking the right keywords, and analyzing the competition, etc. has more to it than just this simplified overview that was presented here. And this is all before you even begin the process of actually creating a website.

There’s a course that teaches all of this! It’s specific goal is to use the power of Google to make money!

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