How To Make Money With Netspend Refer A Friend Program



This video gives an excellent overview of how to make money when you get a Netspend Debit Card.

Once you have your card you are automatically enrolled in the Netspend Refer A Friend Program.

Anyone who then gets a Netspend Visa Debit Card, or Netspend MasterCard, through you will get a free extra $20 when they start their account with at least $40. So they will have a total of $60 in their new account.

Plus you will get a Free $20 added in to your Netspend account! There are no limits. So you can do this over, and over, again.

The end of the video is explaining how couples, husband & wife, partners, best friends, etc. can even take it a step further. Person 1 visits Get My Free Netspend $20 and requests a new Netspend account. Then once the card arrives in the mail, Person 1 activates the account and loads $40. They will then get the free $20. Now Person 2 uses Person 1 to get a new Netspend account. When Person 2 gets the card and load $40 they will get the free $20. Plus Person 1 will get another $20 in their account. So between the two of you it is $60 in free money. And now each of you have the ability to repeat this and get paid in your own separate accounts.

It is important to keep in mind that you haven’t bought anything. You haven’t spent any money. You simply took $40 and moved it someplace else. You moved it on to a debit card where you still have 100% access to that $40. Plus you got an additional, no obligation, no strings attached, extra $20. So now you have 100% access to $60 total. (If you did the couple’s thing then Person 1 actually has $80 total)

You are not even required to keep the Netspend card! But as long as you have the account you can repeat the Netspend $20 Refer a Friend an unlimited amount of times.



Image is a banner showing Netspend prepaid debit card as a checking account alternativeNetspend is a debit card company. The overwhelming majority of people already know what a debit card is. It is a personal money account. It works very similar to a bank account. You have to put money on the card, the exact same way you have to put money in to a bank account, before you can use it. If you have $50 on the debit card. Then you can only spend up to $50.

Many people may not know, unless it has personally happened to you, but millions of people are denied bank accounts every year for various reasons. So a debit card is something that many people really need, and want. Just for the basic ability to have direct deposit of their paychecks alone. Plus it allows shopping, online purchases, and just daily life living expenses, etc. Anything that a Visa or MasterCard is accepted and normally used for.

So, if you are someone who has been denied from opening up a bank account… you do not need them! You can open a personal debit card account. Do the same things that you thought you had to have a bank account to do.

The NetSpend Card is one of the best prepaid debit cards. And the best alternative to a bank account. With direct deposit you can get access to your money one or two days sooner.

It has 100% approval rate. Regardless of credit history. Or bank account history.

* No Credit Check

* No Chexsystems Check

* 100% Account Approvals

* Free Direct Deposit

* 24 Hour Access To Funds

* Online Bill Pay

* Easy Application Process

* And More

Plus we’ve already talked about the biggest benefit of all. Having a Netspend card gives you the ability to make money! Visit the website now to start your account. Choose your NetSpend card color. And claim your Free $20. Get My Free Netspend $20



Netspend refer a friendThis is a question that people ask a lot. They say things like Why would Netspend do this? Is this some kind of  Netspend scam? etc. But just think about it for a moment. Think about how much money businesses pay for advertising. Think about how much they must pay for TV ads, Radio, Magazines, Advertising all over the Internet, etc. Think about the enormous amount of money a company will spend if they want to run that TV ad during something big like the Superbowl, etc. Then on top of that many companies pay money to a separate marketing firm. Plus they may pay another company to get customers from the internet by trying to rank on Google, etc.

The bottom line is that it costs money for businesses to get customers! Even well known companies like a McDonalds, or a Coca Cola, etc. have to constantly advertise. You got cell phone companies like T-Mobile and Sprint are actually paying to buy customers out of their existing contracts. That costs them way more than just $20.

Plus, credit and debit card companies pay stores like Walmart significant money just for the space on the store shelves. Then they pay an additional fee on top of that when someone actually gets, and activates, the card through that same store.

Of course Netspend still advertises. But they are also smart enough to acquire new customers directly through their existing customers. We have all heard that the best kind of advertising is “word of mouth” advertising. Netspend is simply rewarding their customers for this type of advertising. It is really very smart business.

Then also think about how much a new customer is worth to Netspend. People are going to activate the card, repeatedly load money on it, purchasing things, using the ATM, getting direct deposit, etc. Paying $20 to you and $20 to them is nothing to Netspend. When you consider this person may keep that card for years.

So the answer to the question Why would Netspend do this? Because it is a smart, and inexpensive, way to get new customers!



Image is banner showing netspend is no credit, bad credit, approvalCards like Netspend is in demand. Google has something called Keyword Planner. It shows estimates of what people are searching for on Google. There are approximately 60,000 people, per month, that are searching for some variation of the general word debit card, or pre-paid debit cards, etc. And over 100,000 specifically looking for info about Netspend. Now a portion of them may already have a Netspend card and could be looking for “how to” type information. But this clearly indicates that there is an enormous amount of interest.

And these are people all over the country who you don’t know. Imagine if you just concentrated on your already existing Facebook followers, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, etc. Or placed a free Craigslist post in your local area.

This is something people need. It costs an average of $7 every time someone, without a bank account, cashes their check. And that’s after they drive somewhere and stand in line. All of that can be eliminated with direct deposit.

Plus a prepaid debit card has an enormous benefit to the millions of people who do have bank accounts, checking accounts, etc. It helps protect them! Nearly every day we hear about people getting hacked, personal information stolen, accounts compromised, etc. People can use a prepaid debit card for their day to day life necessities. Store purchases, online purchases, buying gas, swiping, ATMs, etc. Just load money on the card from your primary bank account that you want to keep private. If the prepaid account gets stolen, there’s only so much they can do. And you just get a brand new card and start using it. Your main bank account is never touched.

Remember, you will not be attempting to sell people anything! You are simply letting people know about something that may benefit them. Plus there is also an opportunity for them to earn some extra money. This is how you will always want to present it!

To get started the first thing you want to do is click the link below. Request your Netspend card. Then get your own free $20.
Get My Free Netspend $20









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